Tuesday, November 07, 2006

K-Fed In Da House...By Himself!

Poor K-Fed! The road to rap superstardom is fraught with potholes:
K-Fed plays to an almost empty house
Wannabe rapper has to beg club not to cancel his concert

C'mon, you knew this was coming when he first announced his "tour"

K-Fed’s New York City gig at Webster Hall wasn’t cancelled as some predicted — but it reportedly took some big-time begging on his part.
Begging. Begging. Heh.

Only 300 people showed up at the club that holds 1,500.
For me, the real story is not that 1,200 hundred people didn't show up, but that 300 people actually did. Was this a free concert by chance? Oh yeah, K-Fed kept those 300 fools waiting for three hours hoping more "fans" would show up. For that, they got to see K-Fed rap for all of 30 minutes, in a performance described as "mercifully short". One witness claimed that Federline

seemed really confused about how to act on stage. He would pace from one side of the stage to the other, just saying things like, ‘Hey’ thirty times in a row or ‘New York, thank you for coming — buy my CD.'
I think it's obvious K-Fed is confused about many, many things.

K-Fed doing his "thang"

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