Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's time for Dragon Con!

Proving once again that man does not live by politics and current events alone, I'm off to enjoy four days of comic books, science fiction, pop culture, and scantily clad females.

It's Dragon Con, baby.

Here's a link to the official site, if anyone's interested.

See you on the other side!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


The rhetoric is heating up as we get closer to the November elections. The Democrats are in full attack mode, desperately trying to highlight the "failures" of the Republicans in an attempt to stockpile potential votes. As usual, the Dems can tell me why I shouldn't vote for the Republicans, but they can never seem to articulate why I should vote for them, other than "we'll do better".

The thing that's always amused me is that, although I strongly identify with the conservative side of the aisle, I'm actually pretty moderate or left of center on some key issues. It's fair to say the left could probably get my vote more often if they would only try to convince me that they're right instead of always shrieking that everyone else is wrong.

As many issues as I have with the Republicans (and I do have a few), there's just something about the Democrats that repulses me. It's that whole "we have to regain power again or our heads will explode" vibe they give off. I accept that President Bush isn't their man, and I also accept they may have some legitimate disagreements with his policies. But the never ending mantra of "Bush is the greatest evil that has ever existed" does not persuade. Christ, the man must have done something right during the past six years, if only because of the law of averages.

I get that this is the Dems' big winning strategy - create an "anybody but Republicans" sentiment. At some point, however, substance has to trump strategy. That always seems to be where the left falls short.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The 2,996 Project

I've signed up to participate in the 2,996 Project. 2,996 bloggers are volunteering to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks, with each blogger paying tribute to an individual victim. The website is here. I think it's a wonderful project, and I know reading the various tributes will be a somber and powerful experience. I will be paying tribute to Matthew Picerno, a 44 year old investment broker. I'll be starting my research on Mr. Picerno soon. I'm a bit nervous, as I really want to pay a proper tribute. I don't know if anyone will be reading my tribute, but I still want to do a good job.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Double. Standard.

From Allah at Hot Air:

UK telecom giant suspends spokesman for anti-Muslim “racism”

Inigo Wilson, the Community Affairs spokesman for mobile phone company Orange, included some "definitions" of politically correct terms as part of a larger post at the website; his post is here. In his "lefty lexicon", he defined Islamophobic as "anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work". Palestinians are defined as "archetype 'victims' no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets." and "never responsible for anything they do - or done in their name - because of 'root causes' or 'legitimate grievances'." These are but two of many, MANY definitions given in what was actually an engaging little post.

Of course, as day must always follow night, some muslims who read the post claimed insult, and yelled for the head of Inigo Wilson.

In the comments section of the post, notice was given of an effort to get Wilson fired because of his post. Members of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) began soliciting people to flood Orange with complaints and requests to have Mr. Wilson disciplined:

"mmm Mr Inigo Wilson. we're all up for fair criticism but i sense a deep
hatred. Orange need to find them a better 'community' pr man."

"well , when we threaten to advertise his statements across all islamic
media outlets, both hear and abroad. I doubt he will have his job for much

"muahahaha i am an orange customer... i just threatened to tell every muslim
i know. i also gave em the web page and ask for a written response to be sent to
my home their PR office"
Given the headline of this post, it's clear they were successful in costing Mr Wilson, husband and father of one, his job.


An entire group of people, in this case a company, is being forced to take responsibility for the actions of one of it's members and mete out a suitable punishment. Failure to do so will result in reprisals, and claims that the group condones those actions.

And yet, to suggest that the larger muslim population should accept responsibility and be accountable for the actions of some of it's members (i.e., terrorists) is rascist, Islamophobic, bigoted, etc.

No reprisals for us, thank you very much!

And don't you DARE suggest that we're all terrorists or that we even condone terrorism!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cynthia's Supporters: racist is as racist does

Ah, Cynthia McKinney. What a class act! Considering her immeasurable grace, it should come as no surprise that Cynthia would surround herself with people of comparable quality.

Yep. Quality.

I had heard about the altercations between Cynthia's camp and the press on election night, but I didn't hear any real specifics. I was finally able to see some video footage of the scuffle. What a treat that was.

Cynthia - share the magic!

"Motherfucking crackers, get yo ass on!" God, that's just so...lyrical!

Oh, and Hank Johnson is now an "Uncle Tom". But of course he is. Any black man who refuses to make racism the centerpiece of his world view cannot possibly have any real legitimacy.

However, in the end, never forget that everything bad is the Jews' fault. That's J-E-W-S.

It never fails to amaze me how black people can get away with saying the most outrageously racist things, and never be held accountable. Had a white person said this, blah, blah, blah.

Cynthia, sweetie...I'm glad you're gone.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cynthia McKinney: The Next Day

Cynthia's bitterness was apparent when she finally gave her "concession" speech. She railed against electronic voting and stolen elections. She refused to mention Hank Johnson by name when she wished him luck in November. Her staff members got into physical confrontations with the local media on more than one occasion yesterday. She "sang" Mr. President by Pink during her concession. Cynthia insists she's never going to change. I think that's her problem right there. Neal Boortz hit's it on the head:

Just think about it ... If you had just said "I'm sorry officer, I'm Cynthia McKinney. I've changed my hairdo, perhaps you didn't recognize me." Just 15 words. All you had to do was just be a little human for just a moment -- to show some courtesy to a man who's job might require him to stand between you and a bullet --- but you just couldn't pull it off, could you? You had to turn it into a racial incident. You had to call this man who was just doing his job a racist .... and now can you imagine how he and his fellow Capitol Hill cops are celebrating! One bad moment --- and you're out on year ear.

Life's a bitch, isn't it, Cynthia?


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Open Letter to Cynthia McKinney

Dear Cynthia:


Enjoy obscurity!


The 59% of voters in the 4th district who actually deserve the right to vote.

McKinney vs. Johnson: 11:00 pm

It's 11:00 pm.

With 89% of the precintcs reporting, the vote is 59% to 41% for Johnson. The evening newscasts are pressing Johnson on when he will be declaring victory. Hank is "itching" to do so, but he's holding off for now.

NEWSFLASH: John Evans, McKinney's campaign manager, when asked where things went wrong for their campaign, stated that Hank obviously captured the majority of the votes in Rockdale and Gwinnett...the white votes, naturally.

Frankly, I think it's that attitude right there that finally did Cynthia in. A lot of people have been opining that the middle and upper class black voters in the district are tired of everything being about race. They want to hear about jobs, and education, and the economy. Cynthia just can't address real issues like that.

UPDATE: 11:09 pm. AP is calling the race for Hank Johnson. It's all over, except for Cynthia's concession...and inevitable complaints of "voter irregularities"...and lawsuits.

McKinney vs. Johnson: 10:50 pm

With 66% of the precincts reporting, Hank Johnson leads Cynthia 58% to 42%. Computer problems are being blamed for the slow reporting from the key Dekalb districts.

Around 8:00 pm, John was leading Cynthia 75% to 25%. My laughter was loud and raucous. The race tightened up during the night, and at one point it looked like Cynthia was closing the gap. At this point, I'm feeling more confident that Hank will be the winner.

Hopefully I'll be posting a victory post very soon.

The Liberation of the 4th District Has Begun...

Today's the day.

Run-off day.

In this corner, Cynthia McKinney, Congressional nutjob and Georgia's never-ending shame. In the other corner, Hank Johnson...don't know him, frankly don't need to. He's giving our girl fits and that's all that matters.

Cynthia has already started moaning about "voting irregularities" at various precincts. Gee, she must be losing.

From what I've read so far, the turnout has been light (as expected) but steady. In the northern and central parts of the district, the vote seems to be going for Johnson. Unfortunately, McKinney only needs to win in the heavily black southern portion of the district to win it all. I suppose this is one of the reasons why Cynthia has pretty much IGNORED her constituents outside of her core base. As a former constituent myself, I can honestly say I do not miss the days of having NO representation in Congress. Of knowing that my representative couldn't care less about my issues or priorities simply because I was "demographically challenged".

For all the good people in Tucker, Lilburn, the Northlake area, Doraville, Chamblee, and parts of Gwinnett and Rockdale, my thoughts are with you. May you finally get a fair chance at having a voice in Congress.