Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cry Havok, And Let Slip The Dogs Of War

At last, The Day is upon us.

In about twelve hours, we'll have a pretty good idea of how this thing will turn out.

Judgement Da - er, I mean - Election Day!

I'm nervous, but hopeful. On some level, I just can't believe the cosmic powers, those that bring order and balance to the Universe, would actually allow the Democrats to win. I mean come on, Speaker Pelosi?!? God, that would be a Hell on earth.

I hope when this is all done, I'll have good cause to revisit this little post.

Once again, Ace of Spades is in my brain:
If the Democrats lose, do you have any doubt they will decide, in their typically-thoughtful Councils of Herd Animals, that John Kerry alone cost them the entire election?

Damn... even if I hated Bush I'd vote Republican just for that.

After the 2002 election disaster for the Democrats (remember? they were counting on big wins then, too) William Kristol said, "And now comes the most enjoyable part of any election season: the recriminations."

Please vote, just so we can have those recriminations.

Do you know what Chris Matthews' tears taste like? I don't, but I've heard stories they taste like gold spun finely into cotton candy. I need to know if those stories are true.

Heh. Amen to that!

I'll be voting tonight after work. Until then, I'll be tracking the excitement all day.

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