Monday, November 06, 2006

Bill Maher Is A Putz

From Perez Hilton:
"Stop hassling me about my Halloween costume. Yes, you've seen it on the internet. I went as the Crocodile Hunter with a bloody stinger in my chest. People who really love animals understand if you get killed by one, chances are you were doing something to it you shouldn't have been. You want me to apologise for making a joke? Who do you think I am, John Kerry?"

Translation: "I'm yet another in a long string of whiny, liberal asses who thinks I can do whatever I want - no matter how tasteless or inapproriate - and get away with it. As a liberal, I'm naturally better than you, and will therefore not be held hostage by your mundane sensibilities. As a liberal, I possess the sort of intellect which enables me to know that what you see as a cruel jibe at a beloved figure is actually a clever and nuanced statement on today's media-saturated society. However, should my actions begin to attract enough negative attention to actually make me look bad (at least bad enough to where market share may begin to suffer) then, as a liberal, I will simply suggest that Irwin got what he deserved and that I am, in fact, defending the rights of animals to live free and untainted by human interference...which you would have realized if you were as smart as me."


You know, I used to like Bill Maher, way back when he was a comedic actor and not spewing his particularly noxious brand of lefty commentary.

Although I don't watch his HBO show, I do find it interesting that Maher feels four liberals versus one conservative is a fair fight. Are their ideas so weak that it takes four of them to equal the candle power of one average conservative? I doubt Billy would admit to that.

Only in America could someone go from D.C. Cab opposite Mr. T. and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death opposite Shannon Tweed to being one of the premiere mouthpieces for the Left.

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