Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What If They Win

From Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake:

First of all — I don't care if John Kerry was eating live babies on TV, one week out from an election you do not repeat GOP talking points. Ever. It makes you look like a big pussy who can't stand up to the Republicans, even when they're playing from an exceptionally weak hand on an issue you own.

Of course. After all, what's a few babies when we have an election to win?

From the Kosfather himself:

Thats the way you show strength. That's the way you beat back bullies. That's the way you win in America. Not by going around whining about "apologies" and worried that Rove and his Republican bullies might say "boo!"

All you hand-wringers -- grow some cojones or get the frak out of our way.

Somebody botches a joke. Big fucking deal. Laugh at those who would make it an issue, kick them in the shin for good measure, then move on.
Sure, why apologize for a "botched" joke that insulted our troops. BFD! After all, we have an election to win!

All over the blogosphere, lefty blogs are ranting about Kerry having to apologize when he was, in fact, right - the military is overwhelmingly populated by underschooled idiots with damn few options.

You can almost feel their desire to drop the pretenses and just say, "Why are you talking about the troops? We have an election to win!"

At what point do we begin to wonder about the true intentions of people who crave power - crave control - this much?

For the past six years, they've talked about offering us a new course, about returning America to its former glory. But their actions and their attitude convey a different message - it's inconceivable to them that they are not in control, and they simply must do whatever they can to remedy that situation.

As we continue counting down to E-Day, they know the only thing standing between them and the total domination they seek are a few Red State rubes who don't have enough sense to know when they're not being properly governed.

I might have been content in the past to accept the idea of the Democrats taking over Congress; on an intellectual level, one has to understand that is always a possibility. But the world we live in today doesn't inspire me to be that practical. I can't afford to place my trust in a group of people who won't be happy until American is just another bit player on some global stage instead of the lead. Until our society becomes one bizarre, giant hive-mind, programmed to slavishly follow their twisted socialist doctrines.

Am I being paranoid? Would things really be as bad as that? Hell, we're already on our way there, it's just that most people can't or won't see it.

I'm sure at one time the Romans thought they'd last forever. So too the Persians, the Egyptians, the British. That is the way of the world - everything eventually ends.

And that end has to start somewhere.

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