Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Paris Hilton Jail Watch - Day 2

According to her attorney, she's doing well after spending the first night in her cell:
"She's using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better and hopefully, in my opinion, to change the attitudes that exist about her among many people," attorney Richard A. Hutton told reporters after visiting Hilton.
My goodness, the spin is so strong I'm getting dizzy!
The only thing Paris is reflecting on is how she can turn this indignity into more money and notoriety for herself. As for making the world better, there are many ways she could do that; the most common ones no doubt involve relocating to extremely isolated locations for the remainder of her life. It's okay, though - Paris is cool with that. I mean, does anyone truly think Paris Hilton gives a shit about what people's attitudes of her are? Please. She has only one mission in life - to perpetuate a carefully crafted image of herself that flies in the face of what most people know to be the truth. Case in point:
"If she was an ordinary citizen she would have been placed in the general population. ... She'd be living in a dorm with 30, 40, 50 other women and the time would pass pretty quick," Hutton said. "She is really being punished because of her celebrity."
You've got to hand it to Hutton; it takes a special man to be able to pull these statements off with a straight face.

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