Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NY Post Slams NY Times For Downplaying JFK Plot

As I've mentioned before here and here, there are those who have a strong desire to downplay the fact (yes, fact) that certain people want to kill as many of us as they can. Which is why I was glad to read about this in the New York Post:
Terror plot? What terror plot?

That's what The New York Times seems to be asking, even as most news outlets are giving front-page coverage to the recently foiled scheme to blow up JFK Airport's fuel pipeline.

The article outlines how the Times piece completely downplayed the story, how they placed it on Page 37 when every other major newspaper had it on Page 1, as well as highlighting what stories the NYT did think were Page 1 worthy (Brick laying in India, anyone?). The Post calls it an agenda, and I agree. They also point out something that I've been stressing since the weekend:
The point is, an unknown number of ruthless actors around the world - some in
our backyard - continue to emerge and threaten the nation. No doubt the 9/11
plot also once seemed like something no one could pull off.

Whether these plots succeed or not, the potential, the threat of danger, is still there. It simply makes sense to be vigilant, to take these stories seriously. Eventually, one of these plots will succeed.

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