Saturday, June 02, 2007

Shock! DUers Don't Believe The Plot Was Real

As sure as day follows night, you can always count on the "reality-based" community to refuse to believe...well, reality.
"...after all the administration needs some positive press! I'm sorry but I don't believe most of this stuff anymore. When they have the proof I'll listen."
That's right. It's a publicity stunt.
"I smell more Rethuglikkkan bullshit. There was no plot. These are dupes."
Ah, the name calling, and the absolute certainty that there was no plot. Of course, there's never a plot.
"Four guys with CRIMINAL aspirations were foiled before they could do anything. not really much news there, IMO."
Whatever, dude. Call me when they actually blow something up!
"This plan was more inspirational than operational meaning, they didn't have the resources, skills, manpower, etc. to carry out their acts....But I'm sure the Republican spin bull-shit machine will act like they just prevented WW III."
That's right, the Republicans don't deserve any credit for foiling the plot. But God knows they'll surely deserve the blame if a plot is ever carried out.

The Left's slavish refusal to accept these threats are real never ceases to amaze me. And yet, we should have no problem allowing them to be responsible for the country's security.

I wonder what it must be like to actually be one of those Muslim extremists; to pour your heart and soul into striking at your infidel enemy, only to realize that a sizeable segment of population you wish to destroy thinks you're a figment of some Republican scaremonger's imagination!

Of course, we already know what the Left will say if a plot is ever successfully carried out.

UPDATE: Newsbusters asks "How long before they question the timing?"

Little Green Footballs points out the deafening silence on the Left side of the Blogosphere:
Maybe they’re still trying to settle on the spin. “Question the timing?” or “blame Bush?” Choices, choices...
Not so fast! Daily Kos is on it. Someone posted a diary about the "alleged plot":
Sounds to me like another wanna-be plot, but we'll see.
Once again, nothing to see here. These people simply will not be satisfied until blood is actually spilled. Of course, then it's "Bush's fault". Oh, and make sure you read the comments. otherwise, you won' learn that infiltration by FBI informants = entrapment.

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