Thursday, February 01, 2007

The New Face of Terror

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the new face of terror:

"Mooninites Rule!"

Out of the ten cities in the U.S. where these signs were planted, only Boston saw fit to panic. I find that strange, in as much as your average Bostonian is usually the type who pooh-poohs the color-coded alert levels and swears that a "potential threat" is usually Bush's way of deflecting attention from something else.

In other words, the terror is all in our minds.

UPDATE: From that bastion of rational thought the Daily Kos. See what I mean?
"You are a disgrace to this country. When a plastic bord with lights on it can send a city into a full blown terror alert, I think there is ample evidence that the terrorists are winning. CALM DOWN."
"Whatever they paid for this marketing campaign, it's not nearly enough! I'm going to have to check the show out, myself. Thanks, Boston, for showing us why Security Paranoia is stupid."
"This is what happens when people watch too much Fox News and watch Sean Hannity too much. They start seeing bombs everywhere. Dudes, It was 9/11 in 2001! That was over five years ago! It is time to Calm The F*** Down and not see bombs and terrorists everywhere! Go get a sandwich and take a valium or something! :)"
As much as I hate to admit it, I'm probably in agreement with most of these posters in that no one should be getting in trouble (or getting sued) over this. To be clear - no one did anything illegal, dangerous, or intentionally disruptive. Unlike the Kos Kidz, however, I feel that way mainly because I love ATHF and don't want the show to suffer, not because I believe we shouldn't be mindful of potential security threats.

Are we destined to live through another terrorist attack on U.S soil? Most likely. Will it have anything to do with Adult Swim's line-up? Doubtful.

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