Monday, October 30, 2006

Brad Pitt Gets A Wake Up Call

From those intrepid reporters at

Pitt Shocked by Anti-American Attitude

Brad Pitt discovered how unpopular America is across the globe when a group of drunk Dutchmen threatened to kill him because of his nationality.
Seems Brad was tooling around Amsterdam on a bicycle at midnight during the filming of Ocean's Twelve when he had to swerve to avoid the drunken Dutch revelers who were exiting a local bar.
I said, "Excuse me," and swerved out of the way and they started screaming, "You fucking American. We'll fucking kill you." I'd never come face to face with that before - that turn in the way we are perceived in other countries.
Now, let's look at the facts in this case, shall we?

1. It's midnight in Amsterdam.
2. Brad Pitt is riding around on a bike.
3. He swerves to avoid a group of drunk Dutchmen as they were leaving a bar.
4. Brad says "excuse me".

I guess my first question is, how did they know Brad was an American? I mean, I find it hard to believe that a bunch of Dutch drunks would immediately recognize Brad Pitt as he zoomed by them on a bicycle at midnight. Was Brad's "excuse me" so noticeably American? Perhaps Brad was draped in the flag as he rode around to guard against the chill.

I think it's laughable that Brad's first instinct is to believe the Dutch want to kill him because America has sullied its reputation across the globe and not because he's some pretty-boy Yank who almost ran over their drunk asses.

Who knows, maybe they're pissed at Brad because of how he left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie?

I know it's been a while since that all went down, but let's not forget - Brad made Jen cry.

On Oprah!

You don't just forgive something like that...

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