Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thousands Rally In Support Of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela

Only after they were paid and/or forced to attend by the government.

I guess Hugo was bummed about all of his citizens protesting his decision to shut down a popular independent TV station. See, that's the good thing about being ruled by a dictator - you've just got to love him...or else! From Fox News' Adam Housley, who's in Caracas covering the protests:
I see all sorts of government vans and trucks, with paintings on the side with sayings like "Socialism or Die." There are pictures of Chavez and Che everywhere. Most people are wearing red shirts with the logo of their government employer.

There are busses everywhere and some have been taken to a place across the city, as if to hide the fact that most people here were bussed and given a free shirt, hat and lunch. I am also told by several here that they were paid 50,000 bolĂ­var's to attend. That's roughly 25 dollars plus a free lunch, not a bad day for many that were brought here free from the countryside.

EXTRA: Hot Air has video of Adam Housley calling former Black Panther and current NY City Councilman Charles Barron a "son of a bitch". As a good little liberal, Barron dismisses Adam's reporting for Fox News as one-sided. He accuses Housley of cherrypicking a single anti-Chavez protestor when there are thousands of pro-Chavez protestors he could interview. Housley angrily defends his reportage, saying they've covered all of the protests, including the pro-Chavez one's (he also claims they were threatened at those) and accuses Barron of not being informed on the issue. He goes on to encourage Barron to watch Fox News and see the whole story for himself. Barron then gives us the quote of the day, "I don't have time to sit at home and watch T.V., I'm an activist."


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