Saturday, June 02, 2007

15 Minutes Over For The Sex Blogger

Jessica Cutler, aka The Washingtonienne, is broke and filing for bankruptcy. It appears things didn't work out as planned for the person who ignited a million bloggers' fevered dreams of book deals, fame, and mad blogging money.
In court documents filed in the case Thursday, however, Cutler says she can't even pay her American Express bill, legal fees and student loans. She submitted to the judge a copy of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition filed in New York dated Wednesday.
For those of you who missed the fun the first time around, you can read the Washingtonienne blog archive over at Wonkette. Eh, it seemed better in original blog form. You can also keep up with Cutler's ongoing adventures at her new blog. Kind of sad, really. It's a shame that someone who is as obviously bright as she is just isn't that interesting unless she's kissing and telling.

Blast from the Past! Inspired by her heroic exploits, Ace of Spades decides to get in on the fun. Hilarious!

Finally, what would a post about a notorious sex blogger be without a picture of what all the fuss is about:


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Anonymous said...

You don't have to be broke to file for bankruptcy. Seems more like a stunt to fuck up the lawsuit against her. I'm sure that guy's real happy he sued someone with no assets other than T&A