Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Liberation of the 4th District Has Begun...

Today's the day.

Run-off day.

In this corner, Cynthia McKinney, Congressional nutjob and Georgia's never-ending shame. In the other corner, Hank Johnson...don't know him, frankly don't need to. He's giving our girl fits and that's all that matters.

Cynthia has already started moaning about "voting irregularities" at various precincts. Gee, she must be losing.

From what I've read so far, the turnout has been light (as expected) but steady. In the northern and central parts of the district, the vote seems to be going for Johnson. Unfortunately, McKinney only needs to win in the heavily black southern portion of the district to win it all. I suppose this is one of the reasons why Cynthia has pretty much IGNORED her constituents outside of her core base. As a former constituent myself, I can honestly say I do not miss the days of having NO representation in Congress. Of knowing that my representative couldn't care less about my issues or priorities simply because I was "demographically challenged".

For all the good people in Tucker, Lilburn, the Northlake area, Doraville, Chamblee, and parts of Gwinnett and Rockdale, my thoughts are with you. May you finally get a fair chance at having a voice in Congress.

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