Tuesday, August 08, 2006

McKinney vs. Johnson: 11:00 pm

It's 11:00 pm.

With 89% of the precintcs reporting, the vote is 59% to 41% for Johnson. The evening newscasts are pressing Johnson on when he will be declaring victory. Hank is "itching" to do so, but he's holding off for now.

NEWSFLASH: John Evans, McKinney's campaign manager, when asked where things went wrong for their campaign, stated that Hank obviously captured the majority of the votes in Rockdale and Gwinnett...the white votes, naturally.

Frankly, I think it's that attitude right there that finally did Cynthia in. A lot of people have been opining that the middle and upper class black voters in the district are tired of everything being about race. They want to hear about jobs, and education, and the economy. Cynthia just can't address real issues like that.

UPDATE: 11:09 pm. AP is calling the race for Hank Johnson. It's all over, except for Cynthia's concession...and inevitable complaints of "voter irregularities"...and lawsuits.

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