Sunday, February 05, 2006

This Just In...

Things are getting worse...

Michelle Malkin links to this story from Reuters.

"...the Islamic Army of Iraq, which has claimed responsibility
for killing foreign hostages, urged militants to kidnap Danes and "cut them into
as many pieces as the number of newspapers that printed the

Seems fair to me.

There's also an article in today's Washington Post dealing with the reaction of U.S Muslims to the Cartoon Controversy:
"There is a limit to freedom. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the
world. Let's have some respect."

This from Rocky Omary, Damascus native and Falls Church, MD real estate agent. Aside from the comment about limits to freedom, which I suppose is accurate, I appreciate Rocky pointing out there are 1 billion Muslims in the world. Mainly because it reminds me that there are 5 billion non-Muslims in the world, equally deserving of respect.

Which I suspect means don't kidnap them, kill them, or burn their embassies to the ground.

16 year-old Zaki Al Barzinji says:

"If somebody showed a picture of the pope with a bomb
on his head, that would cause a great public outcry. Nobody
would be talking about freedom of speech."

First of all, whenever I think of the Pope, I don't think of him inciting his followers to bomb non-believers. Second, if someone did show a picture of the Pope with a bomb on his head, I think we would be talking about freedom of speech - namely how in a free society it's okay to show the Pope with a bomb on his head...SO GET OVER IT, CATHOLICS!!

To be fair, the Muslims quoted in the article do advocate moderation. Still, to read that the violent reactions are "unwarranted" makes me believe that they still don't understand how this behavior seriously undermines the longterm prospect of peaceful coexistence.

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