Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Guess No One Wanted Her...

Cindy Sheehan's E-bay auction has been cancelled.

As previously reported, Mama Cindy was auctioning off a personal appearance to raise money for YearlyKos' annual conference. At last check, the bidding was up to $1,275 ( a far cry from her usual $30,000 fee, if reports I've heard are true.)

According to an e-mail posted here, the auction was pulled by E-bay itself, supposedly for violated one or more of their policies. After reading them for myself, I can't imagine what policy the auction could have violated.

Maybe it had something to do with Cindy stating she wouldn't honor the highest bid if it was made by a person or group that didn't agree with her. I have to believe that would be a violation of some E-bay rule.

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