Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hillary Comes Clean

Hillary Clinton is setting the record straight on how she got her name:
For more than a decade, one piece of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s informal biography has been that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest. The story was even recounted in Bill Clinton’s autobiography.

But yesterday, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign said she was not named for Sir Edmund after all.

It's certainly looks like Hillary's planning on running for President in 2008. After seeing how "I invented the Internet" and "Love Story was written about me and Tipper" worked out, I suppose Hillary doesn't want to take any chances.

One last quote from the article:
“It was a sweet family story her mother shared to inspire greatness in her daughter, to great results I might add,” said Jennifer Hanley, a spokeswoman for the campaign.
Give me a motherfucking break!

How do these people manage to get these types of statements out of their mouths without their tongues bursting into flames? Does Hillary really, really think that bullshit actually works? Is that what we have to look forward to if she actually wins?

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