Monday, February 06, 2006

Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four Hours to Go

Mondays...the best day of the week!


One word. Well, two words but one number.


Jack Bauer is a supremely interesting character. Plus he's cool; I'm talking Captain Kirk cool. Highly motivated, totally uncompromising, and guided by a clarity of thinking that borders on the clairvoyant. There is no such thing as hesitation in Jack Bauer's world; there is only the stone cold certainty of purpose that comes from experience and instinct.

After five seasons, Jack has become even more ruthless in his methods. I don't blame him; he's been through a lot during the five worst days of his life. But no matter how far over the line Jack goes, no matter how extreme his actions, he's always in control. Jack Bauer goes as far as he has to to get the job done, and no farther.

Amidst all of the debate today over torture, surveillance, and questionable methods of ensuring our security, 24 gives us a frighteningly real glimpse of just how bad things could get. It also gives us some insight into what is takes to bring us back from the brink. Every Monday at 9:00 pm, Jack Bauer is the impenetrable wall that stands between us and our destruction.

If we're very lucky, life will find a way to imitate art.

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