Monday, February 13, 2006

Previously On 24

You're the President of the United States. Chechen terrorists have acquired 20 canisters of weaponized nerve gas and are preparing to release it in the U.S. The terrorists have one canister set to release in a shopping mall - a field test, you see. Perhaps 900 lives will be lost if that canister goes off. You have agents in place who can stop the release. But...

But if you do stop the release, you may lose your only lead to the remaining nineteen canisters. If those get released, you're looking at a body count in the hundreds of thousands.

So that's the choice. Do you sacrifice 900, or do you risk killing hundreds of thousands?

Like I said, you're the President; it's you decision. Now, show me where in the Constitution it tells you how to handle this situation.


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