Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Political Jabs at Coretta's Funeral

Naturally, the big story here in Atlanta today is the funeral of Coretta Scott King. People began lining up for a chance to attend at 3:00 am; the eventual attendance was around 10,000 mourners. Naturally, dignitaries from all over the country and the world were present, including Presidents current and past, celebrities and performers.

To have watched the proceedings today, it was striking to see how much things have changed in this country. At the time of his death, Martin Luther King was fighting for civil rights for all black Americans. At the time of his death, the country was still very divided as to the merits of his cause. And yet, thirty-eight years later, Coretta Scott King is honored by a grateful nation, by leaders and citizens alike, with love, affection and dignity.

Too bad things didn't stay that way.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The funeral tributes for Coretta Scott King took a twist
toward political rally when the Rev. Joseph Lowery criticized President Bush’s
policies on Iraq and military spending.

Former President Jimmy Carter also took a swipe at the
Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

I can't abide Joseph Lowery. He and his ilk - Jesse Jackson, Congressman John Lewis - the so-called "lieutenants" of MLK have made careers out of capitalizing on Dr. King's good works.

Dr. King rose to meet his destiny and helped change the world. What have the lieutenants done to make the world a better place, other than address real social problems with the same tired platitiudes?

As for Jimmy Carter, for him to cast aspersions on any other President's administration is laughable. But it get's better:

The former president then noted Martin and Coretta King were
“violated” by “government wiretapping and government surveillance,” a thinly
veiled reference to the current administration’s wiretapping program.
Pssst, Jimmy. Who do you suppose authorized those wiretaps against Dr. King?

Guess what? It was Bobby Kennedy, Democrat. Guess why? Cause they thought King might be a communist.

Isn't that just a bit different from President Bush surveilling certain citizens because they might be involved with terrorists?

Actually, you know what? I don't care. I don't care about wiretaps, or WMDs, or Katrina, or winning control of the Congree. For one day, for a few hours, all I wanted to care about was honoring Coretta Scott King's memory. Too bad I didn't get that chance.

Unfortunately for some, politics will forever trump everything else in life. These ghouls will never pass up a chance to posture for the cameras and advance their agendas, no matter how inappropriate the venue.

Have you no shame, gentlemen?

A casket is not a podium.

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