Saturday, February 18, 2006

David Gregory's Mea Culpa (Sort Of)

David Gregory, everyone's favorite "angry young man" reporter, explains his behavior at the press gaggle where he lost it with Scott McClellan. Writing on NBC's "Daily Nightly" blog, David shares his thoughts on what his role is in the great political experiment we call Democracy:

I'm in the business of getting information -- as much of it as possible. The public and I don't always get as much as I think we deserve, but I keep trying. I also try to demand straight answers. Covering politicians, I have to work harder to get them.

Wait, wait, there's more...

The pursuit of information at the White House is often tense. We push hard for it. Maybe you think we pushed too hard in this case. Maybe you think there was no grave harm in waiting to learn the facts of this incident for a few days. I can accept that. The way we do our business is not always pretty and we should be accountable for that. I happen to believe, however, on balance,
our dogged pursuit of lots of information, all the time, is a good thing.

Thank God we have heroic journalists like David Gregory looking out for the little people, asking the questions they think need to be asked...whether we want them to or not.

David Gregory...he's good for America!

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